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Site optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO)


For each site an important issue ranking in search engines. Because it directly affects the number of users and the effectiveness of your site. Online Studia offers its services in search engine optimization, as well as the correct website creation.

About SEO

Search engine optimization takes time, which is due to the peculiarities of the search engines. Necessary to choose the keywords that will fully reflect your business and based on them to SEO.


Nevertheless, optimization should not affect the quality of the information provided, a visitor should find on your site is exactly what comes immediately to mind after reading the title of your page, just information should fully meet the user wishes to have a precise, logical and accessible presentation of material.

You should be aware that the user has no time and he will not dig around your site in search of relevant information. It just might leave your site and go to other Internet resources. Therefore, the optimization of content should penetrate deeply into the essence of your services or offers. Each page should have its own specific purpose.

Statistics says that visitor, without obtaining the necessary information in 1 minute, and even less leaves the site. Now you know what we mean? From this conclusion is that the user appreciates the site is based on the fact that at first he would draw attention, as they say "meet on clothes ...". That is why it is necessary to increase your site's ranking in search queries and correctly be content.

Tasks of SEO

Every SEO specialist, doing their job, understand that promotion of the site includes such objectives:

  1. A potential customer should get on your site.
  2. The visitor should pay attention to the site and if you're lucky, to add to Favorites.
  3. The visitor should choose your service.
  4. The visitor should make the order.

It is these goals and is so, for what is working SEO. Optimizing your website depends on the majority of factors. One of them is the methodology of search engines. Here are the main criteria for ranking sites for search queries Google:

  • number and volume of pages that are optimized for the keywords;
  • measure saturation page keywords;
  • quantity and quality of the links on the site.

SEO by means of a whole system of internal (the right building site, the inner optimization) and external actions (external optimization), which require time to be indexed by search engines.

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