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Website creation, website development. Types of websites


We suggest you create different types of websites. Based on the worldwide practice of the right to exist are the following types of websites.

Types of websites

Economy Site. It contains brief information about what you want to publish on the Internet. This is mainly static information, which may constitute information about the company, products or services, contact information, etc. The number of pages from 3 to 10. As a rule has no content management system. Create Economy Site recommended for those firms that are the main activities carried out beyond the Internet, then there are off-line activities. Many believe that in this case we can dispense with the website, but if you value your business, it is strongly recommended to create a site at least of this type.

Benefits: low price (from 200$), a small file size (20-100 MB), a short development period (7-15 days).

Disadvantages: the low permeability of the search engines, a small amount of information, static information, the absence of CMS.

  • Design: individual
  • Size: 3-10 pages
  • Term: 2 weeks
  • Price: from 500 USD

Standard Website is created based on CMS (Content management system). With this you can easily add information using the system interface similar to MS Word. In addition there are opportunities to edit menus, pages, news. This system is available free of charge. The cost of creating this type of site is slightly higher than the previous one, but he is endowed with more features.Website of this type is attractive because the customer, with virtually no clue about what website development, is able to manage your website, change its form and structure. You can even sale sites of this type, which are often used to build a network of satellites.

  • Design: individual
  • Size: up to 30 pages
  • Term: 1-3 weeks
  • Price: from 700 USD

Corporate Site - an indispensable part of self-respecting company. Creating websites that belong to this category is always accompanied by the formation of personal website design. This resource contains a wealth of information about the goods or services at this site, the user can always solve their questions about your product, contact you, and as always count on your support. The characteristic elements are: news, customer reviews, articles, staff, partners, product catalog, photo gallery and other. Website creating this type sometimes brings huge profit (in the case of effective promotion) and is a must for a successful business. Creating a corporate website requires close communication with the customer to develop the most effective on-line resource.

  • Design: individual
  • Size: up to 50 pages
  • Term: 4 weeks
  • Price: from 1000 USD

E-Commerce Site created with the purpose of sales via the Internet. In this case, after creating a website registration module is installed users, as well as they are given "basket". One of the main parts E-Commerce Site is a payment system whereby the customer can pay for goods or services. From the shop owner to arrange delivery of goods. The practice of many countries shows that these types of commerce are becoming more popular and more convenient for customers, enabling them to not leaving the house to view your product, find out more information or to order, pay for it by card.

  • Design: individual
  • Size: from 10 pages
  • Term: 4 weeks
  • Price: from 1500 USD

Web Portal.This type of Internet resources is considered the largest and most require a very detailed approach to the construction. The contents of the created site can be very diverse: a forum, FAQ, information retrieval, links, news, voting, mail, weather, catalogs, ads, file archives, and more. Virtually any user can find here some interesting information. Given such a complex structure, site development this kind requires a lot of time and investment. Creation of sites like "portal" is a lot of stages, beginning and ending with the structure plan to improve usability.

  • Design: individual
  • Size: from 50 pages
  • Term: from 4 weeks
  • Price: from 5000 USD

We hope that after reading the list of possible types of sites you've already decided which site to create. Our Web Studio is pleased to provide you with all the information needed at the initial stage of developing the site.

All additional services, you can order from us. Creating a site based on the principle of distribution of work across each of the team members. The result is a quality site for a reasonable price!

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